In 1983 Dennis and Jane Lumley had an encounter with God that turned their world upside down, they started a journey that continues today.   It was May 1983 at Garden City Christian Church, Mt Gravatt Qld where they became Christians.   Not long after that, on their knees, on their living room floor, they committed their lives to the service of Christ.

Within that year they were serving as Home Group Leaders and not long after that were serving in Vital Youth Contacts, a ministry to Youth at Risk under the leadership of Pastor Bob Engwicht.

After Dennis completed study at The Garden City School of Ministries they became Pastors of a pioneering Church in Mareeba, Far North Queensland.   While in Mareeba Jane completed her studies through The Rheme College of Christian Ministries of Townsville.

They have been married over 42 years and both Pastor Dennis and Pastor Jane have over 30 years of Pastoral Leadership experience, having Pastored in Mareeba, on the Gold Coast and Boonah.   Both have served on Regional Executives, Pastor Jane being the Regional Leader of Women’s Ministries for three different Regions as well as being on State Teams.

Both take the Great Commission very seriously and personally, because of that both have a conviction to make Disciples and a heart for Missions.

Both have done itinerary work throughout Queensland and overseas, primarily in India and Indonesia, and regularly take teams with them.

They are determined to finish the journey strong and bring as many as possible with them.