“Walking with people through salvation to service”

At this present time our history is a little uncertain but what we do know is that in the early 1980’s a group of people started meeting together in their homes for fellowship.

In those early years, as they moved around, they became known by several names; Boonah AoG, Kalbar Christian Fellowship and Fassifern Christian Fellowship.

In 1986 the Church met in the Kalbar School of Arts under the covering of Pastor Barry Muller and the Ipswich Community Church.

In February 1987 Ps David Janes came to Pastor. Not long after that we purchased St Bonifaces Catholic Church at 62 George Street Kalbar, it had been unused for 10 years.

The building was dedicated March 12th 1987 by the then AoG State Superintendent Pastor David Cartlidge.

In November 1995 we became a registered Church of the Assemblies of God under the name of the Fassifern Assembly of God, but then became the Fassifern Christian Church.

Pastor David Janes left in 1990 and there was no Pastor until 1992.   In April 1992 Anthony Pike came to Pastor the Church but left April 1993.   In May 1993 Pastor Ron Dayman came to look after the Church until a suitable Pastor could be found.   Ron Dayman did a did a great job and handed over the leadership to Pastor Neil Davies in Nov 1993.   Pastor Davies stayed until September 2005.

In Dec 2005 Pastors Dennis + Jane Lumley arrived and continue as our Pastors today.

In 2019 we became Fassifern Christian Church Limited.